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Today in Tech: Canary Home Security

Today in Tech we discuss the Canary Home Security – a must have for all home owners.  Canary home security is a simple to use, complete security system all in one compact device. It adapts over time to send intelligent notifications to your smart phone, that way you’re never surprised when you return home. So let’s get into more detail about what it does.

I guess the biggest advantage to the Canary home security is the motion detection. When the device is activated and senses motion it automatically begins to record video. This HD camera captures video using a wide-angle lens with night vision functionality. A built in microphone records high quality audio along withe the HD video. Another great feature is a the Homehealth Technology. This monitors the temperature, humidity and quality of the air in you home. The Canary home security system has a built in 90+ db alarm that can be activated by the Canary app on your smartphone. It is 6 inches in height and 3 on diameter and thus barely takes up more room that a flower vase.

Canary home security was also designed to give you more information than your previous home security. The approach was rather than relying on binary sensors on your doors, windows and walls, Canary believed security comes form knowing what is actually going on. Simply put the home security solution focuses on letting you see, hear and feel what’s happening inside you home through the wide angle video and high quality audio. Canary give you a complete picture. Old systems simply do not.

Other staggering results show that only 31% of home have security systems and of those people only 2/3 of them turn it on. Also, traditional systems have a 94-99% false alarm rate and if you have a back to base system it’s annoying and very costly. This leads to people not using the systems they have. The Canary home security system helps in this regard because you’re the one that makes the call. As soon as motion is detected, you are notified through the app. Then you can see, feel, hear what’s happening in and around your home.

And, it’s simple to use. Once connected to the a home’s wifi network, the Canary takes care of the rest. The system watches, learns and adapts to what goes on from day to day.

At a cost of only $249 (US) this intelligent home security system is second to none.  For a business as well the Canary coupled with a smart tech device, such as a VIZOO visitor management solution from the great team at VIZOO  would make sure that all your coming and goings would be well monitored and analysed.

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